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Bubbles & Sweets!

26 Jun Slide1

While having happy hour drinks with some former co-workers a couple of months ago, we came up with a totally brilliant idea. I know how much they love eating sweets and we ALL love drinking champagne, so we decided to have a “Bubbles & Sweets” themed party. Who doesn’t love champagne and sweet treats? So yesterday we had the party. I made the sweets and they made the bubbles!

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My Sauciest Bites: Wasan

23 Jun Slide1

I have a confession to make. When I go out to eat, I’m one of THOSE people who need to take pictures of the amazing food I’m eating. And of course I have to share some of those pics with my friends so they can drool and be jealous of what I”m eating!

From time to time I will share some of “my sauciest bites” I’ve eaten around town with you.

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Adventures In Dumplings…Samosas!

14 Jun IMG_9456

Indian Samosa Dumplings

Next up in my dumpling experiments are based on traditional Indian samosas.  I always think of samosas as an Indian version of dumplings and I absolutely love them. They are a must-have whenever I go to an Indian restaurant. This dish is also vegetarian, which frankly if you know me, you’ll know how rare that is! Continue reading

Adventures in Dumplings!

10 Jun IMG_9455

Korean Kimchi Dumplings (Mandu)

I’ve been making traditional Korean dumplings (mandu) since I was a little girl. I have really fond memories of assembling the dumplings with my mom and sister over the years. We couldn’t have a special meal or holiday without our mandu! I still ask my mom to make me her dumplings when I come home for a visit.

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For The Love of Bacon!

6 Jun IMG_9229

What happens when you get a dozen friends together who all have a love of bacon? BACONPALOOZA!!

I threw out a challenge to some of my bacon-obsessed friends to get together and share our bacon creations. They could make anything they wanted, as long as bacon was a key ingredient. My guests included chefs, food bloggers and just some bacon-loving folks – so they were up for the challenge!

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