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Bubbles & Sweets!

26 Jun

While having happy hour drinks with some former co-workers a couple of months ago, we came up with a totally brilliant idea. I know how much they love eating sweets and we ALL love drinking champagne, so we decided to have a “Bubbles & Sweets” themed party. Who doesn’t love champagne and sweet treats? So yesterday we had the party. I made the sweets and they made the bubbles!

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My Sauciest Bites: Wasan

23 Jun

I have a confession to make. When I go out to eat, I’m one of THOSE people who need to take pictures of the amazing food I’m eating. And of course I have to share some of those pics with my friends so they can drool and be jealous of what I”m eating!

From time to time I will share some of “my sauciest bites” I’ve eaten around town with you.

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Adventures In Dumplings…Samosas!

14 Jun

Indian Samosa Dumplings

Next up in my dumpling experiments are based on traditional Indian samosas.  I always think of samosas as an Indian version of dumplings and I absolutely love them. They are a must-have whenever I go to an Indian restaurant. This dish is also vegetarian, which frankly if you know me, you’ll know how rare that is! Continue reading

Adventures in Dumplings!

10 Jun

Korean Kimchi Dumplings (Mandu)

I’ve been making traditional Korean dumplings (mandu) since I was a little girl. I have really fond memories of assembling the dumplings with my mom and sister over the years. We couldn’t have a special meal or holiday without our mandu! I still ask my mom to make me her dumplings when I come home for a visit.

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For The Love of Bacon!

6 Jun

What happens when you get a dozen friends together who all have a love of bacon? BACONPALOOZA!!

I threw out a challenge to some of my bacon-obsessed friends to get together and share our bacon creations. They could make anything they wanted, as long as bacon was a key ingredient. My guests included chefs, food bloggers and just some bacon-loving folks – so they were up for the challenge!

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