My Sauciest Bites: Wasan

23 Jun

I have a confession to make. When I go out to eat, I’m one of THOSE people who need to take pictures of the amazing food I’m eating. And of course I have to share some of those pics with my friends so they can drool and be jealous of what I”m eating!

From time to time I will share some of “my sauciest bites” I’ve eaten around town with you.


First up is a small Japanese restaurant in the E. Village called Wasan. I’d been meaning to go there to try their uni and foie gras, two of my absolute favorite foods ever! I was so happy that I did!

Foie gras sushi — sauteed foie gras on sushi rice on an endive with strawberry balsamic vinegar sauce.

Uni lover — sea urchin (uni) and avocado on homemade uni chip topped with garlic- peanuts oil.

Both these dishes were out of this world. Small bites with decadent richness! I was lucky enough to remember they had a Scoutmob coupon so I got 2 pieces each of the foie gras and uni, a shrimp bun and a glass of white wine. Total came to $28 including tip. Not too bad for a pretty amazing impromptu dinner! The staff was very sweet, even giving me another coupon so I would come back, which I definitely plan to do again real soon!!


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