Bubbles & Sweets!

26 Jun

While having happy hour drinks with some former co-workers a couple of months ago, we came up with a totally brilliant idea. I know how much they love eating sweets and we ALL love drinking champagne, so we decided to have a “Bubbles & Sweets” themed party. Who doesn’t love champagne and sweet treats? So yesterday we had the party. I made the sweets and they made the bubbles!

They made the champagne cocktails with peach nectar, frozen peaches, lychees, kumquats. Oh and of course champagne!

I made three special desserts to share. First was lemon cupcakes with whipped cream frosting. Very light and perfect for a hot Sunday.

I wanted to make something with bananas since I knew one of my co-workers love them. So I made frozen bananas dipped in dark chocolate ganache.

The last dessert had to be something totally decadent. So I made mini devil’s food chocolate layered cakes with whipped cream and topped with dark chocolate ganache. My friends said this reminded them of a high-end gourmet version of a Hostess cake. I will be making this for my brother-in-law’s birthday this weekend so you’ll see a post for that coming soon.

It was a great way to spend a Sunday evening just chatting with friends sipping cocktails and enjoying some decadent eats. I love parties like this!


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