My Sauciest Bites: Yuba

11 Jul

Sushi is one of all-time favorite foods to eat, I could eat it almost every day and never get bored. I had heard rave reviews about Yuba so I was beyond excited when my friends asked me to go last week. It was the first official day of my vacation so I decided to really treat myself by going to the beach for the day to relax in the sun, and what better way to end the day than with a decadent sushi meal. So off we went to the East Village!

Chef Jack Wei is a truly talented sushi chef and he is so friendly and amazingly kind. We sat at the sushi bar and asked him to bring us whatever he liked. Chef Wei totally spoiled us, treating us to 22 different sushi tastings. Just look at the pictures so you can drool!

3 hours and 3 bottles of sake later, we were stuffed and insanely happy! It was also Chef Wei’s birthday so my friends brought him a birthday cake. Actually they accidentally brought him two, so we just had to help him celebrate!

There were so many amazing bites that night but if I had to pick my two favorites, it would be the sweet shrimp with caviar and fried shrimp heads. I’m still thinking about those bites as I write this. And yes I’ve already planned my next trip back to Yuba!


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