My Sauciest Bites: Totto Ramen

28 Sep

If you know me at all, you know I am kinda obsessed with ramen. Ok maybe not kinda. I’m always scouring all over NYC for the newest ramen joints to try. But there is almost nothing as perfect as the Spicy Ramen at Totto Ramen!

For ramen-lovers in NYC, they know this place is the holy mecca. Its located in the middle of the Theater District on 52nd Street between 8th and 9th Avenue. It’s a tiny little hole in the wall, you have to know this place is here or else you’ll miss it. Well actually you can’t miss it because there is ALWAYS a massive line of other ramen-crazed people waiting. Oh and yeah there is ALWAYS a wait, sometimes I’m lucky and its only 20 minutes and sometimes I have stood in the pouring rain for over an hour. Show up, put your name on the list and pray. But it’s totally worth the wait when that hot bowl of ramen is put in front of me.

My favorite dish is the Spicy Ramen, I like it best with extra pork and a boiled egg. I eat every last drop! If you’re extra nice to the chef, he might even give you a little extra pork.
This is one of my ultimate happy, make myself feel better, comforting foods. Its a little messy and you’ll end up a little sweaty with your nose running. But who cares! If you asked me what my last meal would be, this has to be in the top 5. Get yourself there!


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