About Saucy Smile

Jo paris

I know there’s a crazy number of food blogs out there, which is why I waited so long to start mine. But anyone who knows me knows how much I love food – love to eat it, love to make it, love to share it with friends, love to talk about it, love to look at it. Most people I meet assume I must work in the food industry because I talk about it so much. OK I might be slightly obsessed.

I’ve come to a point in my life where I realize that you need to spend time on the things you are truly passionate about. So it’s time to make this food obsession more than just a hobby, time to finally take the plunge. I’ve recently become a regular contributor for Appetite for Good, covering food events in NYC, so will share those articles here as well.

Part of the joy of food is being able to share it with those you care about. I love to make food for my friends and family — their enjoyment when they eat my food always makes me smile. My goal for this blog is to share the food I love and some stories that I hope will make you smile too.  Hope you will enjoy this saucy journey with me.



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