Shortbread With An Asian Twist

11 Jan

Time for another shortbread post! Shortbread is my all-time favorite type of cookie. It’s buttery, light and slightly sweet. But what I love most about shortbread is that you can experiment with so many variations, from savory to sweet to somewhere in the middle. For my latest experiment, I was making something special for my parents highlighting some of my favorite Asian flavors: matcha (green tea) powder and black sesame seeds. So here’s my shortbread with an Asian twist: Macha Sesame Shortbread Flowers!

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Cotswold Potatoes Gratin

2 Jan

Potatoes gratin is one of those dishes that is always a showstopper. I’ve made it dozens of times and every time, my guests are always impressed. They seem to think its complicated, but it’s crazy how simple this dish is. There are literally 5 ingredients that make up this dish. If you’re afraid of cooking, this is a great recipe to test out. This year for Christmas dinner, I wanted to give my recipe a new twist. If you follow my blog, you know that I love English Cotswold cheese. I thought the sharp taste of this cheese would make a great gratin.

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Asian Steak Roulade

31 Dec

My sister and I have been trying to help out our mom for holiday gatherings by splitting up the cooking duties. So for Christmas Eve this year, I was assigned meat and dessert. This year’s dinner was a smaller gathering, so didn’t want to make anything too big. I wanted something that would be a little different but also pair well with the Korean dishes my mom was making. I’m a big fan of turkey and chicken roulades, so thought a flank steak roulade might be nice for Christmas Eve. So here’s my kicked-up Asian twist on a steak roulade.

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Shrimp Buns…Made with a little secret!

28 Dec

Steamed stuffed Chinese buns are one of the best comfort foods around. I’ve had them filled with pork, beef, fish, seafood, you name it. It’s a lovely little fluffy pocket of goodness. I’ve never attempted to make this at home because I heard making the buns can be time-consuming and difficult. You can buy frozen buns in Chinatown of course, but I never seem to get around to that. I started reading online about a cheat method for making the buns. Every site said the same thing, that their mothers told them to do this, but they never listened and now they realize of course that mom was right!

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Green Tea Mille Feuille Cake

23 Dec

For years, I have been obsessed over Lady M’s Green Tea Crepe Cake. I love the Asian influence of the green tea with the traditional crepes and pastry cream. But since their cake costs $80, its a bit on the pricey side. I’ve made traditional mille feuille cake before, but have been wanting to try my own green tea version.

I was hosting a potluck dinner party with my Korean girlfriends so thought a Green Tea Mille Feuille cake would be the perfect dessert. So decided to give it a try especially for the girls!

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Shrimp Stick It To Ya!

11 Dec

A few nights ago  I hosted my latest potluck fun. The dinner’s theme was “Korean Girls Rule!” Cause we do! I invited 4 of my Korean girlfriends to each make a Korean dish. We also invited some of the boys to join, because well someone had to bring the booze! To get the night started, I wanted to make a little amuse bouche to welcome my guests.

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Pizza Pizza…Lamb & Kale

25 Oct

I went to Grub Street’s Food Festival at The Hester Street Fair last Sunday and sampled a few of the tasty treats. One of my favorite dishes was from Northern Spy Co., a restaurant in the E. Village. They served a lamb meatball sandwich with kale slaw and yogurt dressing. The combination of the flavors in the dish was amazing. I was in the mood for pizza the next day so I decided to make something inspired by their sandwich dish using lamb sausage, kale and goat cheese.

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Adventures in Dumplings: Pork, Shrimp, Cabbage

8 Oct

Dumplings are one of those dishes that everybody just loves. I love dumplings of all types, I like to think of them as portable sacks of goodness! They’re so easy to make and since I always make a huge batch, I make sure to freeze a bunch so I can cook some up whenever I’m in the mood.

And if you read my blog, you know that I love to experiment with new dumpling ideas. For my latest experiment in dumplings, I decided to use pork, shrimp, and cabbage.

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My Sauciest Bites: Totto Ramen

28 Sep

If you know me at all, you know I am kinda obsessed with ramen. Ok maybe not kinda. I’m always scouring all over NYC for the newest ramen joints to try. But there is almost nothing as perfect as the Spicy Ramen at Totto Ramen!

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Shortbread Surprise!

27 Sep

It was raining and overcast in NYC yesterday morning, which always makes me want some kind of comfort food. I always love shortbread cookies because they’re not overly sweet. I decided to whip up a batch but I wanted to experiment a bit and add a little surprise. So the surprise? The cookies have cheese in them!

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