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Pizza Pizza…Lamb & Kale

25 Oct

I went to Grub Street’s Food Festival at The Hester Street Fair last Sunday and sampled a few of the tasty treats. One of my favorite dishes was from Northern Spy Co., a restaurant in the E. Village. They served a lamb meatball sandwich with kale slaw and yogurt dressing. The combination of the flavors in the dish was amazing. I was in the mood for pizza the next day so I decided to make something inspired by their sandwich dish using lamb sausage, kale and goat cheese.

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Adventures in Dumplings: Pork, Shrimp, Cabbage

8 Oct

Dumplings are one of those dishes that everybody just loves. I love dumplings of all types, I like to think of them as portable sacks of goodness! They’re so easy to make and since I always make a huge batch, I make sure to freeze a bunch so I can cook some up whenever I’m in the mood.

And if you read my blog, you know that I love to experiment with new dumpling ideas. For my latest experiment in dumplings, I decided to use pork, shrimp, and cabbage.

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Shortbread Surprise!

27 Sep

It was raining and overcast in NYC yesterday morning, which always makes me want some kind of comfort food. I always love shortbread cookies because they’re not overly sweet. I decided to whip up a batch but I wanted to experiment a bit and add a little surprise. So the surprise? The cookies have cheese in them!

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For The Love of Kimchi!

24 Sep

Oh most holy of food! There is no food that better represents the heart and soul of Korean people than kimchi. It’s sassy, pungent, earthy, and will smack you in the head sometimes. I can’t live without it!

And there is no one on the planet that makes better kimchi than my mom. I will challenge any chef, any home cook or even anyone else’s mom. that’s also why I never tried to make it myself, there’s no way I could beat my mom’s kimchi. But I decided it was finally time I should give it a try. My favorite kind of kimchi is cucumber kimchi (oi sobaegi), so I’m gonna start with that. My mom makes it with cucumbers she grows in her garden. For me, cucumbers from Fairway Market will have to do.

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Dinner for 2: Shrimp Scampi Linguine & Garlic Bread

19 Aug

Sometimes the best dinner parties are made just for two. No not the romantic kind, I’m talking about some much needed girl time. I love inviting a girlfriend over for dinner and watching trashy TV, or talking about boys of course!

To celebrate the Olympics Closing Ceremony, my friend Abigail brought over a bottle of wine and I made us some grub. I decided on a big bowl of shrimp scampi linguine and garlic bread. Total comfort food that I can’t get enough of.

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Birthday Tiramisu? Why Not!!

8 Aug

I was trying to decide what kind of cake to make for my dad’s birthday. It was his 70th birthday, so I wanted it to be extra special. So then I thought, why does it need to be a birthday cake? One of my dad’s favorite desserts he always orders in restaurants is tiramisu. Everybody in my family loves it. So birthday tiramisu it is!

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Korean Shortribs (Kalbi)…See I’m Korean after all!

20 Jul

Last Sunday I hosted my latest potluck dinner party with my foodie friends. The theme for the night was “Rib-Mac Smackdown.” Everyone brought their take on ribs or macaroni and cheese. I knew most people would make racks of ribs so thought I would make something a little different, so I made my version of Korean shortribs (Kalbi).

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