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Asian Steak Roulade

31 Dec

My sister and I have been trying to help out our mom for holiday gatherings by splitting up the cooking duties. So for Christmas Eve this year, I was assigned meat and dessert. This year’s dinner was a smaller gathering, so didn’t want to make anything too big. I wanted something that would be a little different but also pair well with the Korean dishes my mom was making. I’m a big fan of turkey and chicken roulades, so thought a flank steak roulade might be nice for Christmas Eve. So here’s my kicked-up Asian twist on a steak roulade.

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Shrimp Buns…Made with a little secret!

28 Dec

Steamed stuffed Chinese buns are one of the best comfort foods around. I’ve had them filled with pork, beef, fish, seafood, you name it. It’s a lovely little fluffy pocket of goodness. I’ve never attempted to make this at home because I heard making the buns can be time-consuming and difficult. You can buy frozen buns in Chinatown of course, but I never seem to get around to that. I started reading online about a cheat method for making the buns. Every site said the same thing, that their mothers told them to do this, but they never listened and now they realize of course that mom was right!

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Green Tea Mille Feuille Cake

23 Dec

For years, I have been obsessed over Lady M’s Green Tea Crepe Cake. I love the Asian influence of the green tea with the traditional crepes and pastry cream. But since their cake costs $80, its a bit on the pricey side. I’ve made traditional mille feuille cake before, but have been wanting to try my own green tea version.

I was hosting a potluck dinner party with my Korean girlfriends so thought a Green Tea Mille Feuille cake would be the perfect dessert. So decided to give it a try especially for the girls!

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Shrimp Stick It To Ya!

11 Dec

A few nights ago  I hosted my latest potluck fun. The dinner’s theme was “Korean Girls Rule!” Cause we do! I invited 4 of my Korean girlfriends to each make a Korean dish. We also invited some of the boys to join, because well someone had to bring the booze! To get the night started, I wanted to make a little amuse bouche to welcome my guests.

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